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8:30 AM
  • Exhibition & Registration Open

    The exhibition and registration desk will be open to the public from 08.30. The exhibition will be full of interactive standsand experiences featuring virtual reality stations, artificial intelligence, the latest locational intelligence tech, robotics, software demo's and more....

    1 hour
9:30 AM
  • Official Opening

    MC and President of the Queensland Spatial & Surveying Association (QSSA) will introduce the STEMx concept along with Tyronne Curtis Director of Activate Entertainment & The Chaos Factory.

    The official opening will be made by Eddie Game and Paul Martyn.


    Chris describes herself as a 'spatial tragic' who loves her job and industry. Chris has... More


    Paul Martyn joined DSITI as Deputy Director-General, Strategy and Innovation in December 2015.... More


    Eddie Game is Lead Scientist for The Nature Conservancy’s Asia Pacific region,... More


    Tyronne Curtis produces film, augmented reality apps and educational programs. Ty is a... More

    30 mins
10:00 AM
  • Committee on Earth Observation Satellites Panel Session

    Leaders and representatives of CEOS member organisations will discuss the important issues of today and how their work is helping society.

    CEOS was established in September, 1984 in response to a recommendation from a Panel of Experts on Remote Sensing from Space and set up under the aegis of the G7 Economic Summit of Industrial Nations Working Group on Growth, Technology, and Employment. This Panel recognized the multidisciplinary nature of space-based Earth observations and the value of coordinating international Earth observation efforts to benefit society.

    Accordingly, the original function of CEOS was to coordinate and harmonize Earth observations to make it easier for the user community to access and use data. CEOS initially focused on interoperability, common data formats, the inter-calibration of instruments, and common validation and inter-comparison of products. However, over time, the circumstances surrounding the collection and use of space-based Earth observations have changed.

    The number of Earth-observing satellites has vastly increased. Onboard instruments are more complex and are capable of collecting new types of data in ever-growing volumes. The user community has expanded and become more diverse as different data types become available and new applications for Earth observations are developed. Users have become more organized, forming several international bodies that coordinate and levy Earth observation requirements.

    In response to this changing environment, CEOS has evolved, becoming more complex and expanding the number and scope of its activities. In addition to its original charge, CEOS now focuses on validated requirements levied by external organizations, works closely with other satellite coordinating bodies (e.g. the Coordination Group for Meteorological Satellites, CGMS), and continues its role as the primary forum for international coordination of space-based Earth observations.

    Over the past three decades, CEOS has significantly contributed to the advancement of space-based Earth observation community efforts. CEOS Agencies communicate, collaborate, and exchange information on Earth observation activities, spurring useful partnerships such as the Integrated Global Observing Strategy (IGOS). CEOS played an influential role in the establishment and ongoing development of the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) and the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS). CEOS, through the major investments made by CEOS Agencies in developing the space segment of GEOSS, continues to provide space-based Earth observations in support of GEOSS implementation.

    CEOS Agencies work together to launch multi-agency collaborative missions, and such cooperative efforts have highly benefited users all around the world. CEOS also provides an established means of communicating with external organizations, enabling CEOS to understand and act upon these organizations’ Earth observation needs and requirements.


    Dr David Williams is a member of the CSIRO Executive Team and is CSIRO’s Executive... More


    Dr Olwoch is a climate change impacts specialist with a background in biology and vector... More


    Stephen is currently Senior Adviser in the Directorate of Earth Observation Programmes,... More


    Michael H. Freilich is the Director of the Earth Science Division, in the Science Mission... More


    Geoff Garrett was appointed Chief Scientist to the State Government of Queensland in January... More


    Dr. Stuart Minchin who is currently the Chief of the Environmental Geoscience Division of... More

    1.5 hours
11:30 AM
  • Break To Explore The Exhibition

    A chance to get involved with the interactive exhibition

    30 mins
12:00 PM
  • Prof. Suzanne Miller

    Professor Miller commenced as CEO and Director of the Queensland Museum Network on 2 July 2013... More

    15 mins
12:15 PM
  • Dr Philippe Brunet

    Philippe Brunet was born in 1959 in Cahors (France). A Doctor in Medicine (MD) and Luris... More

    15 mins
12:30 PM
  • Steven Jacoby PSM

    Steve is the Executive Director of Land and Spatial Information (LSI) in the Department of... More

    15 mins
12:45 PM
  • Prof. Stuart Phinn

    Launch – Australian Earth Observation Community Plan - 2026 (


    Earth observation (EO) is a branch of scientific enquiry that influences countless facets of our daily life – from weather forecasts to infrastructure assessment and agricultural production. It’s current value to the Australian economy is to the tune of $5.3billion/year, and yet despite the critical impact of this work there has not been a coordinated strategy or direction to shape future growth in this sector. At this event, the Australian EO Community will launch a new strategic plan to build and maintain a robust EO sector that supports Australia, encompassing government, private industry, research and education needs.


    Stuart Phinn is the Chair of the Committee that produced Australian Earth Observation... More

    15 mins
1:00 PM
  • Dr. Frank Kelly

    Dr. Kelly is a veteran government scientist who joined the USGS in 2011 after stints with the... More

    15 mins
1:15 PM
  • Break To Explore The Exhibition

    A chance to get involved with the interactive exhibition

    45 mins
2:15 PM
  • Charmian Campbell

    Charmian Campbell has been ranked as the number 1 female business coach in the Asia Pacfic and... More

    15 mins
2:30 PM
  • Kevin Ashton

    Kevin Ashton is a visionary technologist and an expert in digital transformation. He coined... More

    15 mins
2:45 PM
  • Sean Parsons

    Sean is the Managing Director of Ellume, a diagnostic development company creating simple,... More

    15 mins
3:00 PM
  • Break To Explore The Exhibition

    A chance to get involved with the interactive exhibition

    30 mins
3:30 PM
  • Bruce Dell

    Inventor of the Unlimited Detail 3D rendering method for displaying unlimited point cloud data... More

    15 mins
3:45 PM
  • Taj Pabari

    Taj Pabari is a sixteen year old inventor, entrepreneur and educational pioneer with a passion... More

    15 mins
4:00 PM
  • Tyronne Curtis

    Tyronne Curtis produces film, augmented reality apps and educational programs. Ty is a... More

    15 mins
4:15 PM
  • Exhibition
    45 mins
5:00 PM
  • Exhibition Close
    1 mins